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And on the morning of the Sabbath, He came down from his six-story walk-up for bodega coffee, while She met her friends for boozy brunch and tales of her one-night stand with Him, including the part where -- after the awkward morning Exodus -- she admired his floor-to-ceiling windows and wondered how much rent would be if they ended up moving in together, even though they only slept together one time and She didn’t know His last name. If you’re unmarried and under 40 in NYC, you’re doing just fine. These days, when 87% of your first dates are based on swipe-rights, it’s important to pick a spot with an easy escape route, just in case that mysteriously sexy photo with the sunglasses and beanie obscures pockmarks and a receding hairline. I’m sure your personality is great and kudos on all the degrees, but we don’t have time to invest in you only to find out you’re terrible in bed. If your date (that went really well, by the way) is not calling you back, chances are you really didn’t do anything wrong. Those lessons you learned when hunting for your first NYC apartment can also be applied to dating. Windows in the bedroom means you forego a closet, even though you’re still paying ,000 a month. While all of your friends in Hasting, Minnesota were wifed up at 27 with child number three on the way, you are 32-years-old, still doing Pickleback shots on a Tuesday night, and sleeping with the bartender. Every New Yorker should have a safety first date bar, within two blocks of his or her most direct subway line. And we will break up with you if you’re terrible in bed. More options means more potential for meeting some truly incredible people and having some truly incredible sex with those people. We know you hate the subway because you had to wait more than seven minutes for it that one time (seriously, relax).

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I am a cat woman I can be different: tender and passioanate at the same time! And if you wish to live full life with your woman - you found the right ... If you live more stops outside Manhattan than your date, be prepared to stash a change of underwear and a travel toothbrush on your person at all times. Fridays and Saturdays are too precious to waste on potentially not getting laid. What’s sexy about dates at restaurants or bars that are just right there in plain view? Dating in NYC is not like dating anywhere else in the country. Commitment is more terrifying than a non-rent-stabilized apartment and the bubonic plague on the subway. In NYC, Monday-Thursday are not only acceptable date nights, they should be the only date nights. (That’s math.) Suddenly their jokes are infinitely more hilarious and you are overcome with an overwhelming desire to marry your names on a communal mailbox. The elimination of driving also means you can drink to excess -- another perk if the date is going badly (or maybe if it’s going really well... Having a secret bar or restaurant in your dating toolkit is a sure-fire way to score Insanely Cool points, which, for the record, are better than Regular Cool points. Join us today In this city of constant entertainment, busy lives and millions of available singles, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the NYC dating whirlwind.If you’re finding that your tales from the front line of New York dating are providing nothing but funny stories to tell at dinner parties, then it’s time to get smart about the places you choose to look for love and meet singles who are genuinely compatible.When David da Cruz met his now-fiancée, Marrissa, the busy financial analyst at first found it difficult to make time to meet up with her.


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