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This first book in a new series takes place in the small town of Hope, Oklahoma.

He calls it a kink that he likes to indulge in occasionally. Will and his Asshat Father are having lunch and deciding what to do with the rest of their time together.Will suggest the Opry, but Asshat Father would rather meet “The lady in your life.” Will dismisses the idea, telling he he has no time for dating, and then hurriedly changes the subject, telling him he has to meet Luke to discuss the big concert.Veeraphong Rattanaphansr was living to work, and that was no way to live.The Amway Business Owner from Thailand said the difference between his life as a country manager for a U.And the products were among the best I ever used.” Rattanaphansr found that if he applied himself and worked diligently, he was able to earn a good income.


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