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Al Jazeera came to investigate the phenomenon of Nigerian organised crime in this small town, quickly forgotten after serious riots in 2008, when hundreds of Africans took to the streets to protest against the massacre of six young Ghanaians committed by Giuseppe Setola, the army of the Casalesi clan.

Mary's family is waiting for the coffin and tension grows as delays and friction increase.

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These applications have been rated as some of the top 10 applications used by Nigerians for “hookups” – a word which has different translations ranging from casual meetings, relationships, sex dates to business-“‘hookups”.

Tinder has however proved more useful to the prostitution business in Nigeria as it provides a curtain which veils individuals from both ends, providing an air of secrecy to individual participants and allowing them to choose what they are willing to offer in terms of personal details.

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In the following account Chiara Caprio, an Italian journalist who was involved in the making of the film, describes what they found out in southern Italy.

The ghetto of Destra Volturno, an assembly of houses once used by Neapolitan tourists, is surrounded by flowers as it hosts the funeral of Mary Morad, a seven-year-old from Ghana. But in Castel Volturno, more than one-third of the 25,000 official citizens are African and, in particular, Ghanaian and Nigerian.

The advent of social media platforms which enable the connection of individuals from far and wide, has despite all odds proven to be one of the best and most sure-fire way to market products and services as well as gain connections which may otherwise prove impossible in reality.

As the virtual world grows and more applications surface online, the online community has helped improve the face of business, both legitimate and illegitimate, which otherwise would have been conducted in the darkest of hours and crevices depending on its score on the illegal chain.


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