Aroban six video

See full summary » The second movie directed by Humayun Ahmed.

A village drama interweave around a charming girl, a folk singer, his love interest and the local aristocratic family's involvement, the movie provide with some beautiful songs.

Not only the taste of the Bangla music lovers are getting refined, the way of accessing the musical contents has also changed a lot.

We no more buy CDs nor evaluate the popularity based on the number of copies sold of the CD albums.

NEW DELHI: West Bengal will now very likely be called just 'Bengal' when it's being referred to in English, and 'Bangla' or 'Banga' when it's referred to in Bengali.

However, the changes that are being played out are on many levels.The West Bengal state cabinet has okayed a proposal to rename the state to ‘Bengal’ in English and ‘Bangla’ or ‘Banga’ in Bengali.The proposal is set to be forwarded to the Centre after it is ratified by the Assembly in a special session that is to be called soon.The liberation army is operated as effective guerrilla force - Badiul Alam is one them. See full summary » An apparently passive young man, Khorshed (Zahid Hasan), comes to Dhaka from a rural area looking for a job and a better life.He gets to stay with an uncle (Ahsanul Haq Minu) who literally...In 20, she received Bengal foundation scholarship for excellence in performance in Classical Music.


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